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2018年、半蔵門ANAGRAで開催された個展『Sapience in Tokyo in 2018』における50点を越える作品群による圧巻の空間。その中心に据えられていたのは100cm x 100cmの正方形のキャンバスに油彩で描かれた8枚からなるシリーズ作品『The Reconstruction of Identity』(アイデンティティの再構築)[2017-2018]であった。

一方、最新作の『The wipe out painting』シリーズは、ブラックペンキのみで描かれるモノクロームの作品である。


It can be said that the attitude of MA has consistently been “PUNK”.

An intense space was created with over 50 works in his solo exhibition, “Sapience in Tokyo”, which took place at ANAGRA in Hanzomon in 2018.
The centre of the exhibition was the series “The Reconstruction of Identify” (2017-2018), consisting of eight 100cm x 100cm canvas oil paintings.
Since the last world war, plastic surgery has become prevalent in tandem with the rampant consumerism. The image of the city, Tokyo, which repeats destruction and construction to keep transforming, is cast on the plastic surgery patient, who through an irreversible surgery, forgets “themselve” and becomes “true themselve”. Women’s faces and numerous motifs intertwine to play in discord with the vivid colours. A display of intentional object’s torn desires.

With a sharp contrast to the previous work, for the latest “The wipe out paintings” series, only black paint is used.
Forms are expressed by radically and emotionally deforming letters, which are intentionally selected from any sentences floating in the media sphere.
MA tells us to “view letters”.
Sentences are, intrinsically, collages. They are an array of existing individuals. The act of deforming them can be seen as a resistance to or a statement of direct suspicion and discomfort about being confined in the system which was created by ourselves, homo sapiens.

The art book "MA" features nine series from 2013 to 2018 including the above two in 90 pages.
MA says he paints to “enjoy this helpless reality”. His art encourages us to abandon unconsciousness while offering another angle to see and enjoy the culture.

A4サイズ | ソフトカバー | 90ページ | フルカラーオフセット印刷
MAが2013年~2018年のペインティング作品をまとめた作品集。Hidden Circus限定特典“2009 ~ 2013” REPRINT ZINE (E-BOOK)付き。

A4 size | soft cover | 90pages | full color offset printing
An art book of MA painting works from 2013 to 2018. With a special gift “2009 ~ 2013” REPRINT ZINE (E-BOOK) only for Hidden Circus.

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